Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sea Angling trip in Iceland

Sea Angling in Iceland.

Newly renovated motor vessel Arora RE 82 on sea angling trips out from Reykjavik Iceland

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Big Catch. Fishing in Iceland.

Fishing in Iceland waters in the North Atlantic. 

Big Catch of fish taken in on a freezing trawler. Fishing trip and fish processing on a freezing trawler.
Big Catch.

Fishing and processing on a freezing trawler. 

Emptying the trawl bag of big catch. 

Deep sea fishing with rod in Iceland

Deep sea fishing with rod on a newly renovated fishing boat Arora RE 82. Fishing trips out from Reykjavik capitol of Iceland. Fishing for cod, halibut, pollock, mackerel and haddock. Trips are about 3 hours, and end with cooking the fish catch.

In autmn the boat will be sailing for Northern Light (Aurora Borealis) sigtseeing out from Reykjavik.